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Professional, approachable and focused on your financial needs – our award winning team give you the bargaining power to create the business and financial security you deserve. We know our stuff and will happily work on your behalf to make the process as relaxed, streamlined and effectively communicated as possible.

Home Loans

We save you time, money and stress. Make us a part of your team and we'll take care of one of the most important transactions in your life – financing your home loan. Additionally, if you have an existing loan you may benefit from refinancing - you could literally save thousands of $$ a year. read more

Business & Commercial Finance

Business borrowing is complex and depends upon a number of factors, inclusive of but not limited to presentation of a transaction and banks exposure to similar lending. With the support and advice from Tim Dixon at Correct Finance, you can focus on your core business whilst our specialists work out which institution suit your needs. read more

Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) lending

No matter the size of your Self-Managed Super Fund, or your level of knowledge, we can provide you with straightforward solutions. This is a specialised field of lending and our knowledgable and experienced broker Tim Dixon can and will help. read more

Vehical & Equipment Finance

Whether it be a personal or business car - new or late model cars are best suited to this sort of finance. And a heads-up, it pays to check in with us before signing off at the dealer. This type of loan is not restricted to cars – it can also be used to purchase a boat, caravan, truck or motorbike. Business may benefit from using the equipment finance option for industry related machinery purchase. Get in touch to discuss your options. read more

Investment Lending

With low interest rates and rising property values, property has proven itself as one of the most attractive investment categories in Australia. It’s a logical second step… We understand the market and the inclination, but you need the correct lending advice. Structure here is paramount - it can save you real money getting the right solution, we work closely with your Accountant and/or Financial Planner. It's a team effort. read more

Personal finance/ Refinance options

Correct Finance helps you find solutions. A personal loan can be used for any number of reasons, including financing a holiday or managing your cash requirements (consolidating debt). Additionally a bad credit history can sometimes be overcome, don't assume you can't, get in touch. read more

Ethical and Environmentally responsible options

These funding options mean you can be sure that the loan product you choose is in line with your values. The home loan industry in Australia is worth $1.3 trillion dollars, typically loan repayments are used by the banks to invest in projects. Environmentally responsible lending options ensures you are not indirectly involved in investment practices utilizing for example fossil fuel projects. There are good options here.

Ethical lending focuses on responsible lending and business practices. Some of the major Australian banks score really well in this realm. We care enough to give you the information to make an informed choice. read more


Working with ALI group we offer & recommend

  • Loan Protection products - simple, easy to understand and affordable solutions that can provide you peace of mind by helping protect you and your family, your assets and your lifestyle.
  • Simple Income Protection protects you if you are unable to work and covers your income and your mortgage repayments.

    Working with Alliance and CGU we offer & recommend

  • Home and contents insurance
  • Vehicle insurance
  • read more