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First Home Buyer

The Correct Finance team completely understands the nerves and questions you will have as a first home buyer. We were once in the same position and for some of our team the complexity and bewilderment of the process led them into finance brokering in the first place… We will take the time to explain each step, as we guide you through the whole finance process. If you are prepared and have a clear understanding of the process you will make excellent choices that can set you up for the future.

Our intention is to help you understand your loan and the structure that we arrange on your behalf with the intention that this will instill confidence and a sense of control over your financial future.

Many first home buyers make fundamental mistakes when buying their first property by focusing on the wrong factors.

This is why Correct Finance specialists take the time to discuss your options with you, we advise what factors to consider to ensure the best prospects for high capital growth - thereby giving you more long term choice.

Once you decide on your first home, Correct Finance brokers will then make sure that your loans are structured correctly with the most appropriate lender right from the start.

Discover why so many first home buyer clients of Correct Finance become clients for life. We’ll help you with friendly and professional guidance every step of the way, to set you up well… now and in the future. Contact a Correct Finance specialist today.