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Self managed Super Fund

No matter the size of your Self-Managed Super Fund, or your level of knowledge, we can provide you with straightforward solutions.

We will present you with options drawn from a broad range of financial products, for your unique requirements. We simplify the process of structuring loans through a SMSF by educating you about your options, and assisting you in selecting the products that suit your needs.

Our extensive panel of lenders provide loan facilities, for clients with SMSF, who wish to borrow to invest in residential or commercial property.

Lending to a SMSF is available via a ‘Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangement’, which is a complex process. That means it’s important the Trustees of the Fund receive appropriate financial, structuring, investment and legal advice from experienced and qualified professionals.

Correct Finance has a network of professionals available to assist you in the process (from establishing a fund to implementing an investment strategy) but we are always happy to work with the professionals you know and trust - it's your choice.

What we specialise in is finding the right fit from a lending perspective. Get in touch with Tim Dixon  – our SMSF expert.